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These links are provided to help find important data or instructions on other Web pages. They are provided without any guarantees or warranty about the quality of the information, which is not under our control. We have listed these pages because they appeared to have valuable data when they were discovered, but they may have changed since we reviewed their content.


Digital cameras

Digital storage devices

  • USB On-The-Go - This site describes the specifications for external hard disks that can copy files from digital cameras without needing a PC.
  • Stability of optical discs - This is a article from the Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which shows the results of aging tests on CD and DVD recordable media. The results show that many of the cheaper CD and DVD blanks will become unusable much more quickly than most users expect. This is a PDF file that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Graduated driver training

Fuel cells

Perceived human comfort

  • Innova - Measures of perceived human comfort

Wind turbines to make electricity


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